Bible studies ‘Fruitful Minority’


Vijf Bijbelstudies bij het IFES jaarthema aan de hand van 1 Petrus.

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What do people from the LGBTQ community, immigrants, cricket fans and Christians have in common?

Perhaps not much, except that they are all minorities. All these groups deal with questions like: how do I remain faithful to our way of living when others do it very differently? How do I deal with misunderstanding? And what opportunities do I have to share my passion for this way of living? Etc.

The greater the significance of these minority traits are for your identity, the more important these questions are. For people from the LGBTQ community and immigrants, these questions are probably more relevant than to cricket fans.

For Christians, these questions are very relevant. Being a Christian is so decisive for your identity that it is sometimes called ‘being born again’. And Christians have had a very unique way to expres this ‘being a minority’ from the beginning.

In the first century of the Gregorian calendar or Western calendar, the apostle Peter writes a letter to a group of believers whom he calls ‘strangers’. Through their faith they have become ‘estranged’. And he does not consider it as a problem, but as an assignment and opportunity. What it means for their lives is the topic of the Bible study series about 1 Peter.

These Bible studies are part of IFES’ theme of the year: ‘Fruitful Minority’.

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