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Tools for students who are returning home

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Are you returning home / Have you been returning home recently? This booklet can probably help you!

“Go through history, beginning in the book of Acts, God has seen fit to draw many
people to himself when they have been away from home. However, many face
particular challenges, even active hostility when they return home after finding
Christ in another culture. But if they are able to adjust well, they have the potential
to make a major influence to the growth of the church in their own culture. This
little booklet is aimed specifically at helping those returnees to withstand the
challenges of returning to their home culture. It is an invaluable help, both for
those who are returning and those who wish to help them to stand firm in Christ
and serve Him fruitfully in their home cultures.”

(Lindsay Brown, International Director of the Lausanne Movement and former IFES General Secretary


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